Demo 2013

by Suspect

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released December 26, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Francis. Special thanks to Andy, Jack Steginga, Codie Grant and VIA studios.



all rights reserved


Suspect Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Hardcore

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Track Name: Succubus

Lay me down to suck the life out of me.
Are you from heaven or hell?
This place I can't escape.
Get your grip off of me.

My futures bleak, and I'm weak at the knees.
With just one touch, you suck the life out of me.

I want my time back, for no kiss to be.
To feel no love, I'm happy living unhappy.
A beautiful face, a soul trapped in meat.
Bound to the succubus, the beast has got a hold on me.
Close my eyes and let me be free.
But you keep coming back, back for me.
Track Name: Destructive
Take away my guilt.

Constantly looking for a way out.
Constantly running from my problems.
Constantly avoiding responsibility.
Constantly finding ways to humiliate me.

What do you want?
What do you need?
Why can't you please let me be?

What you want, take from me.
Constantly falling victim to your scrutiny.

Brand me your target, let everyone else walk free.

You can't find me.
You can't push me.
You stand above me.

Pushed to my dark place, time after time.
Cant regress, anymore.
I'm losing my fucking mind.
Track Name: Fear
Feel my emptiness.
I put my shield down, just to feel deaths kiss.
I fell into the nothing.
Live off no crutch, constantly limping.
Injured and angry, my senses numb.
And all I crave, is to have and feel.
Something against the sun.

My anxiety, paranoia and my ill mind.
Calm collected face but there's a war inside.
My anxiety, paranoia and my ill mind
Calm collected face, there's a war inside.

My cancer.
Can't think, losing sleep.
Purge me.
I'm fucking weak.
Track Name: Loathe
Nothing is ever right.
Nothing will be alright.
End me.
Cure the pain.
Self destruction.

I make myself feel sick.
Cease to exist, just end me.
Wasting time, always wasting time.
Everything I care for crumbles around me.
End me.
Feel my guilt.
Erase me.
Don't remember me.

I can't think like this.
My reflection and mind sickens me.
I'm trapped in a room, with no fucking doors.

Help me.
Leave me.
Cure me.
Fix me.
Erase me.
I cannot breath.

I'm drowning.